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Our mission is to foster a mutual learning experience that commences by pairing individuals with strong diverse cultural backgrounds, while guaranteeing a connection through shared personal interest. We transcend geographical boundaries and empower people alike, sparking a transformative journey of skill enhancement, and resilience building.


Our matchmaking 

Nampelka's learning experience starts with a unique matchmaking formula that we have developed and tested within our ecosystem from the very beginning. This formula evolves with us and is constantly improved through the feedback of each matched pair of individuals, part of a broader cohort.

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Our Events

Our Team

Our name comes from the root of a Mapuche word, an ethnic population of the Andes. Nampëlkafe means Traveler. So, we met travelling, and we want to continue travelling with Nampelka. During some of those travels we learned that Nampeleka also means ‘come along’ in Swahili.

In the past three years we have invited dozen of participants to come along with us, and to join us for a transformative multicultural learning experience. And we can’t wait to more and more joining our journey.

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