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Research Vision

I want to explore the power of entrepreneurship for sustainable development. 

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Entrepreneurship in Africa

My research focus is on entrepreneurship, with a specific emphasis on the African context. From the very beginning, I've been driven by a deep passion to unravel how individuals can create enduring impact by establishing institutions and driving social change through their innovative ventures.

Female Entrepreneurship

The role of identity and trust in doing business

In Africa, women entrepreneurs encounter unique challenges, often shaped by cultural factors. Our focus is on understanding how these women successfully build their businesses. We're particularly interested in exploring the development of their entrepreneurial identity and how trust is cultivated within their relationships.

Image by Clarke Sanders

Digital Transformation

The development of a fertile entrepreneurial ecosystem 

Digital transformation is making waves in Africa, and Kenya's Mpesa is a shining example of success. With a growing number of startups emerging, and even government backing, our research is centered on unraveling the secrets of fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in this dynamic context.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Impact Entrepreneurship

Workaround mechanism to scale your business and create impact

Many of our studies have been conducted in developed economies, so our understanding of social entrepreneurship and impact creation can't be directly applied to the African context. We're eager to delve into what it truly means to make an impact in an environment marked by high unemployment, pollution, and a shortage of skilled labor.

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Closing the bridge

I'm strongly dedicated to sharing my research expertise with a broader community, including practitioners, entrepreneurs, and students.


My teaching focus is increasingly linked to my expertise in developing entrepreneurial identity, identifying opportunities and creating impact. 

Case Studies

Based on my research projects, we are able to produce case studies that highlight key stories and lessons learned. 


We are not just sharing insights with Nampelka but also extending our knowledge to other communities. Our primary aim is to transform theory into actionable steps.

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